Earth Day 2021

In 2021 people form 14 countries joined with their messages of peace: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Australia, The USA, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Ireland, China and Turkey.

The project was supported by Artvism&Solidarity organization and became a part of online exhibition.

The concept of the video was changed from black and white to colored –
to show emotions, diversity and unique beauty of each participant.

I dream that one day 15 Seconds of You will unite humanity. On Earth Day, instead of advertising on the facades around the city, we will finally look into each other's eyes.
Daria Pugachova
founder of 15 Seconds of You
Vision of 15 Seconds of You
Earth Day 202
Kyiv, Ukraine

Broadcasting video on LED-screens:
"I offered to show the video of the Gulliver shopping mall, but the offer was rejected
by the administration of the mall".

send peace to Earth and humanity
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