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from the most dangerous city of the world
"I'm Luis Amezcua, from the current most dangerous city of the world because of the drug war. My mother's brother was a police officer, he was killed by the drug war, his body was found cut in pieces in a hole in the ground.

My friend, who was dating with a daughter of a drug lord, was shot down on his face and neck by a drug cartel. Sometimes at night you could hear the shots and noisy music of Banda Norteña, which drug dealers love. I could hear their live musicians with a sound system so loud, almost every night until 5 a.m. These people have no sense of respect.

When I came back to my house in Tijuana one day, I saw gun shots on my walls. Soon I found out that hit men came and killed the man living in a house so close to us. His wife and baby survived, but he died. Since that day, we have police officers from the state protecting our area.

I love peace and want the future generations to have a better Mexico for their children".

Luis Tijuana Mexico 15SecOfYou Earth Day Peace People Humanity Men
I love peace and want the future generations to have a better Mexico for their children.
yogi and rikshaw driver from Tiruvannamalai
Jyoti is a rikshaw driver and experienced yogi. He meditates for 20 years. Every day at 4 in the morning he gets up and climbs to the top of the Arunachala mountain, where he provides puja (hindu spiritual ritual) and meditates in the cave.

Jyoti is always ready to help travelers and guides them to saints and holy places in Tiruvannamalai. He spends daytime sitting behind the wheel of a rickshaw, and nights — in meditation.

When I told Jyoti about my idea, he was happy to join, but instead of being silent, he started to sing mantra, dedicated to his guru. I decided to keep this video just like it was filmed — to show the shining and purity of Jyoti.

Jyoti means 'light' from sanskrit. Find your inner shining and bring it to the world. Be simple and sincere every moment of your life.

Jyoti Tiruvannamalai India 15SecOfYou Earth Day Peace People Humanity Men Indian Namaste Yogi Rikshaw
Be simple and sincere every moment of your life.
I had a super espiritual experience! Thanks for putting out this powerful project, that's why art exists! Gratitude for making me remember that! With love and wishing the cure of Gaia, Gabriela ♡
Gabriela Fidalgo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
the girl who conquered cancer

"I heard the word 'cancer' when I just turned 28. For some reason I could not take my eyes off the pendulum on the doctor's table. My first thought was: "Will I ever see spring again? I have so many plans!" I did not cry and did not ask myself "why me".

I remember the day I wanted to give up. One morning for the first (and the last!) time since my cancer discovery I broke into tears in my mom's arms just like a baby... After every radiation course I could barely make it home. I just fell on the couch and plunged into a long sleep. I did not want to eat or drink. At times it seemed that I was falling somewhere to the abyss. My mom was my big reason to wipe my weak tears away and continue my battle for life.

My journey to remission took two and a half years. They are forever taken out of my life. I can't say that they were useless, though. I learned to believe, to ask for help, to smile with a needle in my chest through which some chemical cocktail was poured, to appreciate every day with my beloved ones. I even learned to calmly (well, almost...) go to the operating table.

Then there were 12 rounds of chemo. It took 6 months of my life and endless journeys by train "Zaporizhzhia-Kyiv". I imagined chemo like a boxing ring. Before each round I painted a poster with a number and "wishes to crush the cancer's butt ... I imagined myself a boxer just like Klitschko. I once even dreamt of him after the second operation ... These are certainly special fantasies after anesthesia!

Less than a month after the happy ending of my treatment, I tried something new: an interesting job online (I am a translator and a teacher of English). And even though I can not say that the word cancer doesn't frighten me anymore and that I became stronger — my life has definitely changed. I dream again and love myself more than ever. With all my wrinkles, freckles and my strange body. I live. I'm learning to catch happiness between my check-ups now".

Daria Zaporizhzhia Ukraine Peace Earth Day 15SecOfYou Humanity Cancer Girl Unity Love
I became stronger — my life has definitely changed. I dream again and love myself more than ever.
send peace to Earth and humanity
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